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6x2 Trucks for Sale: Renault Trucks’ second-hand offer

Either in the form of carriers or road tractors, the 6x2 heavy goods vehicles have specially-configured axles and transmissions. As such, a semi-trailer can be attached for instance. Many truck models use this layout for long-distance transport operations. Let’s take a look at the 6x2 trucks for sale offer launched by Renault Trucks for investing in a second-hand vehicle.

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6x2 trucks: a range of heavy goods vehicles for various trade sectors

The 6x2 configuration is available for several heavy goods models. For instance, this is the case for the Renault Trucks T, the Renault Trucks D Wide and the Renault Trucks Premium. 6x2 trucks are thus designed for countless professional uses. Considering the range of vehicles, they can be used for transporting goods by road, either locally, nationally or internationally. In addition to road freight, the following activities could also benefit from these vehicles:

  • The construction industry, for conveying materials and large-volume equipment;
  • The automotive industry, to serve as a car-carrier;
  • Industrial sectors such as agri-foods, energy and petrochemicals, for conveying foodstuffs or sensitive products, etc.

The 6x2 trucks for sale offer therefore encompasses used trucks suitable for many different areas of expertise.

Main technical features for 6x2 heavy goods vehicles

As their name states, the main feature of 6x2 trucks is that they have 6 wheels, 2 of which are drive wheels. Another major feature is that they have 1 axle in the front and 2 in the rear. This being said, the number of wheels per axle is likely to vary from one model to another. You may also want to choose a truck with either single or twin wheels. As for the suspensions, they can either be spring or air ones.

All these technical specifications are listed in our 6x2 trucks for sale offer. Concerning engine type for our 6x2 trucks, power mostly ranges from 250 to 700 hp. Except for certain models, they run on Diesel. The engine is thus coupled with a turbo. Gearboxes have transmissions with 8 to 18 speeds.

What fittings are available for 6x2 trucks?

Based on the professional sectors mentioned previously, our 6x2 trucks stand out through their modular nature. As such, they can house many different fittings. Our 6x2 trucks for sale offer includes heavy goods vehicles with a flat cargo chassis, a tipping bin, a loading crane, a hydraulic unit or a coupling for a semi-trailer.

Though we have many 6x2 trucks with traditional cabs whose engines are located to the front of the vehicles, we also have a wide range with advanced cabs. In other words, set just above the front axle. By opting for this configuration, the sleeper compartment is easier to organise, as it is not separated from the cab itself.

6x2 trucks for sale: Renault Trucks used offer

6x2 trucks are an integral part of Renault Trucks’ used trucks offer. With this in mind, second-hand trucks are inspected, following a list of 200 checkpoints. Compliance with manufacturer standards, Selection warranty for certain spare parts, customised assistance, etc. The Used Trucks network boasts many advantages when looking to purchase a second-hand heavy goods vehicle. Moreover, you will save money on the purchase price, or benefit from added fittings for a price similar to a standard new vehicle.

6x2 trucks for sale also has a practical search platform for finding the perfect truck suited to your needs and requirements. The criteria are as follows:

  • The vehicle’s mileage;
  • The date it was first registered;
  • The desired price range;
  • The truck’s brand and model;
  • The point of sale’s location;
  • The type of bodywork: tipping bin, platform, cistern, etc.

Advanced search filters are also available, for selecting your fittings, cab and chassis height. You may also want to opt for additional breaks, or search according to the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).