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Tractor unit 6x2 for sale

When it comes to commercial long haul transportation, the 6x2 axle configuration for tractor units has been a go-to solution for transport companies. With improved manoeuvrability, increased fuel efficiency and even reduced operational costs, it’s not hard to see why.

This unique configuration offers the simplicity of a single drive axle, as well as flexibility and added traction of a pusher axle when needed. Its key advantage is a unique lift mechanism, which allows drivers to raise the pusher axle when not in use, providing on-demand advantages.

Explore our user-friendly search engine and wide selection of used 6x2 tractor units for sale to find the perfect solution for your business needs. Renault Trucks offers you complete transparency on all our used vehicles, so you can tailor your search by the size, year, mileage, towing capacity, location and equipment you need- all within a range of budgets.

If at any point you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call on our network of experts. They’re on-hand to provide custom support and are dedicated to helping your business run smoothly.


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Experience optimal weight distribution and manoeuvrability with a 6x2 tractor unit

Effortlessly navigate sharp turns and narrow urban streets with your used tractor unit. The 6x2’s single drive axle and lifting mechanism add an extra layer of agility and evenly redistribute your cargo weight to ensure that you’re always in total control of your manoeuvres. Enhanced mobility saves you time and allows for hassle-free delivery, even in close quarters.

Based on load size and road conditions, drivers can choose when to engage both axles for extra traction and even weight distribution between the two, or to raise the non-driven axle for a lighter haul. This feature not only enhances handling, but also makes it simpler than ever to comply with axle weight regulations - increasing overall safety and reducing the risk of fines or accidents.

6x2 tractor unit: an efficient and cost-effective configuration

As compared to other axle configurations, the 6x2 tractor unit is uniquely conceived for optimal fuel efficiency and cost-effective operations. With the flexibility to disengage your non-driven axle, you can reduce overall traction and pressure on your tyres. This not only minimises unnecessary tyre treading and its associated maintenance fees, but also boosts fuel efficiency - lowering the long term operational costs of your fleet and saving you money.

6x2 trucks: versatility redefined

Renault Trucks 6x2 tractor units are among the most versatile on the market. Dynamic, powerful and adaptable, 6x2 tractor units are an ideal choice to elevate any fleet’s performance. Whether your business operates in long-haul transportation or local deliveries - with light cargo or specialised bulky loads - a used Renault Trucks 6x2 tractor unit adapts with precision and ease to a variety of applications, landscapes and trailer types. No matter your transportation demands, it’s a tractor unit you can count on for quality performance and success. 

For even greater flexibility, any used Renault Trucks vehicle can be tailored to your specific needs by incorporating custom accessories and modifications. Explore our wide range of options to optimise the comfort, efficiency, safety and profitability of your used Renault Truck.

Renault Trucks quality

When you buy a used 6x2 tractor unit from Used Trucks by Renault Trucks, you’re not just buying a truck. You’re also getting years of expertise from the UK’s premier dealer network and a widespread team of professionals dedicated to your needs. Each of our used trucks passes a rigorous 200-point inspection before being put up for sale, and each comes with Renault Trucks’ exclusive driveline warranty and maintenance services, as well as financing and repair options. So, no matter where your used Renault Trucks vehicle takes you, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.