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Similar to the Renault Trucks Premium, the Renault Trucks Magnum is an iconic range of heavy goods vehicles manufactured in France. They are particularly appreciated for transporting goods over long distances.

After having produced over 129,000 Renault Trucks Magnum, the line was ceased in 2013. Other Renault Trucks models then saw the light. Among them, we have the Renault Trucks T and Renault Trucks T High.

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Running a road transport business with a used Renault Trucks Magnum

Renault Trucks Magnum was first and foremost designed to meet the needs of goods transporters. This truck is particularly well-suited for conveying large-volume goods over long distances. The truck is available as a road tractor or carrier.

A trailer can be attached to it, with a storage compartment or platform. This truck can meet the needs of road transport stakeholders conveying goods. As an example, the Renault Trucks Magnum is suitable for industrial sectors, for importers and exporters, and for road freight.

Renault Trucks Magnum: a high-performance truck

Various models of the Renault Trucks Magnum exist, including the Renault Trucks Magnum Integral and Renault Trucks Magnum Legend. Between 1990 and 2013, three generations of this truck range were launched. With a view to combining long-lasting action and high performance over long distances, it stands out through the following features:

  • Three types of axles: 6x4, 6x2 and 4x2;
  • A maximum GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) of 44 tonnes;
  • Maximum engine power ranging from 520 to 560 hp;
  • The OptiDriver+ technology: driving comfort, optimised fuel consumption, etc.

Over the years, the Renault Trucks Magnum has also evolved in terms of design. This also goes for the dashboard and front grille. Concerning the cab’s interior fittings, there are countless storage spaces, and a folding table.

Unrivalled comfort and safety with the Renault Trucks Magnum

As a truck made for long distances, the Renault Trucks Magnum stands out with its many innovative fittings, installed over the years. Indeed, it is the first truck made in France to offer a flat cab floor. This makes living and moving around in it easier for the driver, when switching from the driving position to the rest area. The advanced cab is suspended, and separate from the engine section. The models produced from 2008 onwards all had elevated cabs, reaching 2 metres inside.

In terms of comfort, the Renault Trucks Magnum stands out when driving and manoeuvring the truck. Indeed, it boasts air suspensions in the rear, and leaf-spring suspensions in the front. In addition, it can be fitted with air brakes and an ABS (wheel anti-blockage system). These fittings hemp enhance safety and control over the vehicle under all circumstances.

Opting for a used Renault Trucks Magnum

Since stopping production in 2013, the second-hand market is a must if you intend to purchase a Renault Trucks Magnum. With this in mind, Renault Trucks has several truck options available. Prior to being sold, each one undergoes an exhaustive inspection, running through close to 200 checkpoints. Our used trucks comply with the manufacturer’s standards, offering the Selection warranty for various parts of your heavy goods vehicle. In addition to advice and customised assistance, our online ads are referenced based on several search criteria:

  • Truck category;
  • Engine power;
  • Sale price;
  • Bodywork type;
  • Geographical location, etc.

When searching for your Renault Trucks Magnum, advanced filters can help you refine your selection based on the equipment you want, the chassis height or the emissions let out. Detailed information about the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is also available, as is the cab type and potential additional brakes.